Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kobata Suigetsu

People say two important books to read about shakuhachi are those of Hisamatsu Fuyo and Kobata Suigetsu.

Kobata (1951) wrote:

None of the today’s shakuhachi schools are perfect in themselves. You should not be obsessed by just one school but experience a few different schools. Otherwise, you cannot achieve the ultimate way of shakuhachi playing. For example, let’s assume this person studies shakuhachi in a school in which the emphasis is placed on entertainment shakuhachi playing. Reaching a certain age, this person will feel that something is missing in his or her study and eventually get bored of playing the shakuhachi itself. Conversely, if a vigorous young person starts fuke zen shakuhachi music in his or her youth, he or she would be intimidated by its dark, non-musical nature. This person may draw a hasty conclusion that nothing can be more brutal than shakuhachi music.

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  1. Hello KM,
    thank you for inspirative quote from book of Kobata Suigetsu. Please, can you to specify more closely what the book is it? Also would be very appreciated any pieces of knowledge about life of this author. Unfortunately on the net is almost nothing ...
    In advance thanks.
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