Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kondo Soetsu

Kondo Soetsu was originally from Nagasaki where he was exposed to a
Chinese trumpet (Perhaps, suona). Nagasaki at that time was exposed to foreign cultures, and Chinese music (shingaku) was easily acceptable. Soetsu moved to Kyoto and studied myoan shinpo-ryu with Ozaki Shinryo.... Because his emphasis was gaikoku,not honkyoku, Ozaki designated Katsuura Shozan, not Kondo Soetsu, for the successor of the myoan shinpo tradition. After moving to Osaka, he established the foundation for sankyoku collaboration. He was the founder of soetsu-ryu in which he promoted gaikoku pieces. Although he was small, his sound was large and quite vibrant. Many studied with him. Examples were.... Many players of the time who were ranked top in the 1871 (meiji 4nen) shakuhachi ranking were his students. Because he held the flute horizontally, he was called "charumera Soetsu." The soetsu school no longer exists. Nakao Tozan studied with a student of Soetsu. Sakai Chikuho also studied with a student of Soetsu.

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