Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watazumi Live CD Translation Track 1-3

Track 1

If I explain before playing, I (or you?) would be distracted. So that is not good. Today, because no one could tell what I would be playing, the stagehands were really in trouble. But there is no way because I cannot tell until I go on the stage. So I will explain by myself and perform. Before a performance I normally do seikan. For Soen Roshi that can be zazen shitting. But in my case it's seikan. I twirled a bow a moment ago. I normally do seikan while twirling in a standing position. But today, I didn't do because there is not time for it.

[00:42] 最初、今、静観の末、考えつきましたのは、やはり本調というものを吹定します。これは最初に修行する道曲でございます。
After some seikan the first piece that came to my mind is after all honshirabe. This is the first dokyoku piece to study.

[03:30] 曲は、同じ曲は心境によって変化をさせることができるのですが、それはなぜかというとやはり呼吸の使い方にありますが、普通の呼吸の使い方のことをジキと申します。それからキリ、
The same piece can be performed differently, depending on one's feeling, through breathing control. The normal breathing is the "jiki." Then, the "kiri."


[03:56] こういう音を今度変化させます。
And adding changes to these notes.


[04:00} また、こういうのはまぁジキというのですが、こういう使い方を。それからアイというのはですね.
This is the jiki. This way of using. And the "ai."


[04:16] こういうのはアイ。それからキリ。
This is the ai. THen, the "kiri."


[04:27] こいうのはアイ。このきり方。それからチュウ。
This is the ai (sic). This way of cutting. Then, the "chu."


[04:43] こういうのをチュウというわけです。それからカイ。カイ。
This is the chu. THen, the "kai."


[05:03] これはカイ。それからコクといいまして、息が切れた瞬間にいれる呼吸の微妙な音をコクというわけで、
This is the kai. Then, this the the "koku." It is a subtle tone of your breath that emerges when you blow just after the previous tone ended.


[05:34] こういうのをコクですね。それからカイとアイを組み合わせた音をマタイキをいうんですが。つまりこの音とこの音を組み合わせると。
This is the koku. Then, the combination of the kai and the ai is the "mataiki." That is, if you combine this [demonstration] and this [demonstration] it becomes,


[05:56] つまりこういう組み合わせによって同一の曲をつねに変化させることができるわけで、また後で吹定してみますが。
With these combinations you can add a variety to the same piece. I will demonstrate them later.

Track 2

Now, I am going to play shingetsu and demonstrate the way it changes to my feeling.

Track 3

The next piece is a bit lively. It's tamuke. There is nothing particular to talk about this piece.

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