Friday, December 11, 2009


Yes, Shimura Zenpo plays both ji-ari and ji-nashi fairly well. There are probably many professionals who play ji-ari as skillfully as he does. But when it comes to long ji-nashi, he is definitely among the best. (I am referring more to his tones than his musicality).

Other Japanese players who handle both are Izumi Takeo and Kobayashi Shomei (known more as a ji-nashi maker who is starting monthly ji-nashi "playing" lessons at Mejiro). It wouldn't be so convincing if someone who only plays either ji-ari or ji-nashi says "playing ji-ari and playing ji-nashi are two different things."

One of these people said, "The difference is not that complex. It's just that you can play ji-ari well without using the abdomen, but not ji-nashi."

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