Friday, December 18, 2009

Live recording of Watazumi

A new CD of Watazumi is now released. This is not a re-release of an older CD. The first seven tracks are a recording of his live performance at "Watazumido wo kiku kai." A LP of this recording existed, and many students repeatedly listened to it. They've been hoping to have a CD version, as their old tapes are so worn out.

1. Honshirabe
2. Shingetsu (performed in two different ways)
3. Tamuke
4. Shishi (Azuma)
5. Tsuru no sugomori
6. Kyorei
7. Koku

He provides some verbal explanation about the pieces and his technique. After Honshirabe, he demonstrates basic components of his expression: Jiki, Ai, Kiri, Chu, Kai, Koku, and Mataiki, and how these can convey his feeling. It blows me away. Track 1 is a must to listen.

The CD has 12 tracks

8. Daiotsugaeshi
9. Kaze
10. Sagarinami (not Sagariha)
11. Korosugagaki
12. Matsukaze

The tile of the CD is "Wadazumido: Musōshoku, Muchōon"


  1. Actually it is not a new release. It has been released on LP in the past. None the less, it is GREAT! By the way, I was going to try and contact you by email but you do not have one posted. I really like your blog. Keep up the great work!By chance do you have any recordings of Fujita Sensei?

  2. I always saw my email address appeared on the top right of this page and so assumed that anyone can contact me. Obviously, it doesn't appear when I am not logged in. My email is
    I don't have any recordings of Fujita Masaharu. His students may have some. If you are in Japan, you can probably meet with them. You might be someone I already know...

  3. This CD release appears to be of the two records originally entitled "His Practical Philosophy," 1 & 2. Columbia - ZX-7016-N and Columbia - ZX-7017-N.
    Why more of these recordings have not been released is beyond me. Doesn't get any deeper...

  4. If you want to buy it you can copy paste the characters : 無装飾無調音 海童道祖